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Oracle is a variety band with six talented musicians who bring together many years of collective musical experience.  


Mike Herrera

Lead vocals, lead guitar, and music arranger, Mike Herrera is the brains behind Oracle. He took Oracle from it's humble beginnings as a small trio playing in Odenton to the 6-member powerhouse that it is today.  He has a knack for reading the audience and picking the perfect combination of music that keeps the dance floor packed.  

Veronica Herrera

The energy and driving force at Oracle performances!!! 

The energy, enthusiasm, and grace behind Oracle, Veronica Herrera brings the personality of the group to life with the friendly, personal rapport she has with the audience.

Nikki Herrera Johnson

Violin, fiddle, lead vocals, backup vocals      The other leading lady of Oracle Band is Mike & Veronica's youngest daughter Nikki Herrera, who's electric violin adds a sizzle to the band's sound unlike any other band in the area.


Chris Johnson 

Drummer Chris Johnson brings an immeasurable wealth & diversity of experience to the band, having performed on the drums since he was in 4th grade.


His control & technique allow him to play dynamically and with complete control over his volume one minute, and rock out with the best of them on a concert stage the next.

Bill Casino       

Bill's been playing bass since high school. He's been mainly in rock & roll cover acts, but has also put in time playing jazz, R&B, Motown, Funk, and Disco. An Atlanta native, he moved here about a decade ago and is proud to be part of the fantastic Oracle band rhythm section.


Steve Kimbell            

Sound engineer and trumpet player Steve Kimbell has been performing professionally since the age of 12 throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area, as well as on the road.

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